Design On Any Dime

Check out this great article we found on! It's by Connie Nelson and it talks about how to design your home for less. This article gives great ideas on how to use things that many individuals overlook and what to do with them!


By Connie Nelson, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

There's an overstuffed sofa covered in richly colored, slightly worn velvet. The walls are painted a vibrant blue. An ancient gilt picture frame leans against the wall above the mantel, sans picture. The paint on the wooden farm table is peeling.

This isn't a room left to neglect or made derelict by time. This is a room with style — flea market style.

Since the introduction of shabby chic in the late 1980s, decorating with obviously aged furniture and accessories has gathered steam. But now the look — which got its start with sloppy slipcovers and an all-white palette — has evolved into bolder, salvage chic that trades on comfort, nostalgia and personality.  View the full article here...